Jalisa McFat

I am Jalisa McFat

I am Jalisa McFat. I do some of everything chile! I was born in Mount Vernon, New York and later Rocky Mount, NC. I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina. My favorite color is Pink but I like to wear BLACK!

Music is my life. I've always blogged or had some connection to the internet. I decided to merge the two. My website was started in 2014. I started it to have an outlet for my creativity.

Talk about your brand

My website got me picked up by radio and I interviewed a few celebrities. I also learned a few skills on the side. Two years later I was working at another station and decided more of what I really wanted. Creative control. I walked away from radio twice and walked into my destiny. It was time to level up.

I've had a lot of trial and error in my life but those mistakes made me greater. I always learned something, so it evens up for me. I transitioned into a multifaceted woman. Anything is possible.

These days I'm keeping it pushing. I'm maintaining my business, brand, and image. I'm always under construction. You can find me on social media on all platforms.

My main goal is to levitate and transform.